About Us

Donald Berwick of the Institute of Medicine has said that, as physicians, "we are not hosts to our patients; we are guests in their lives." That statement speaks to my experience as a physician. I am honored to be invited into your life, into your journey to health, into your sadnesses and your joys, into your wonderings and questionings. You are a blessing to me, and I seek to return that favor in the relationship we build together.

As a physician, I am committed to a partnership with you in achieving health. We both have a role to play. I can offer medical advice, medical management, and medications to treat illness. I can listen to where the barriers to health arise in your life and help to problem-solve around those issues. In the end, however, only you can make the necessary changes or additions that may need to be made to your lifestyle. I will do all that I can to encourage and affirm the work that you do to find wholeness and holiness in your life.

As a spiritual person, I also recognize the interweaving of our spirits and our bodies. We cannot divide the two into separate entities. Spiritual brokenness creates physical illness; and physical illness raises spiritual crises. We all need to find healing in both aspects of our lives in order to realize health. We need to acknowledge the contribution that each makes to the other, and from there, there can be healing.

As a human being, I recognize the importance of being granted the time you need in an appointment to find health and healing. I do my best to spend the time needed with each individual to understand what it is you are facing in life and what interferes with your health. I am building a schedule that will accommodate fewer numbers of patients than I have had in the past, but will be more realistic about the amount of time I spend with each patient. As a result of this commitment, however, there are times I run behind schedule. You are welcome to call ahead and find out how far behind schedule I may be. You can also be assured that, if on time appointments are a priority to you, I will always be on time for the first appointment of the day. After that appointment, human life intervenes, and I may begin running a little late.

As a person of faith, I am called to contribute to the greater good of the community, and to that end, I have pledged at least 50% of my time and at least 10% of all of Towne Centre Medical's income to the Bread of Healing Clinic, a free clinic at Cross Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, whose mission is to serve the working person without health insurance. (Please see the information on this website.) I would invite you to join me in volunteering at the clinic or in making your own donation. As the body and the spirit are interwoven, so are our different communities. One community cannot achieve health at the expense of the other; my health is irrelevant, if you cannot also achieve health. So I invite you to join me in working toward healthy communities where we live and work.